Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Vaison to Sisteron

We rode to Sisteron today. We passed fields and fields of Lavendar. I was worried that we had missed all of the Lavendar but now that we are in Provonce there are still quite a few lavendar fields still in bloom. As you ride by the hill the lavendar sents waifts around you. It is heavenly. It was making Mark sleepy. :)

Our van driver, Galen, had a picnic lunch waiting for us half-way through the ride. Yum. Real figs! Not the dried kind we are used to.

Here is a hill side town along the way.
Bridge right before Sisteron.

Entering Sisteron. The streets were pretty busy but a construction worker stepped out into the street to stop the cars for us. Merci!


JT said...

Wow Linda! It looks like you and Mark are having some amazing adventures. Have fun!


Curmudgeon said...

Salut Linda!

I am enjoying your blog so much! Loved your new shoes!