Saturday, August 4, 2007

Getting Ready

I just checked the weather for France and there are thunderstorms every where!

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Curmudgeon said...

Salut Linda!

Since you mentioned weather (la météo), here is a fun website that shows the weather terminology that French forecasters use--and there are nice pictures to help you understand.

And here are some French proverbs about the weather.

Quand le coq chante à midi, signe d'un temps de paradis.
When the rooster sings at noon, sign of great wheather.

Quand le coq chante le soir, c'est signe qu'il va pleuvoir.
When the rooster sings in the evening, it's a sign that it's going to rain.

Quand le chat se débarbouille, bientôt le temps se brouille.
When the cat washes it's face, soon it will cloud over.

Hirondelle volant haut, le temps sera beau; Hirondelle volant bas, bientôt il pleuvra.
Swallow flying high, there will be good weather. Swallow flying low, soon it will rain.

PS: You inspired me to set up my own gardening blog so that our family back east could follow the progression of our garden this summer. Merci beaucoup!