Thursday, August 16, 2007

Champagneux to Rencurel

Below is the profile for our ride to Rencurel. Most of the climbing was at the end of the day.

Today's ride went from Champagneux to Rencurel. It was raining this morning a light rain. It rained for about the first two hours of the ride. Then we had these ominus clouds lurking above us but just a few drops. Nice backdrop for the pictures though.

This was the last town before our trek up 3000 vertical feet of climbing to Rencurel.

We biked through several miles of apple orchards on narrow roads that looked like service roads. No one was around and it felt like we were trespassing somewhere we shouldn't be. It was very serene. The route wasn't supposed to go through this area but we came to a fence with a sign that said "danger de la mort" and decided it wasn't a good idea to contiue so we took the "deviation" (detour).
This is Michelle from Anacortes. She is a very strong climber.
The hills are very lush with green.

Here I am heading toward the cliff edge. It was a bit scary if you looked down the sheer drop over the side.
The road is actually chiseled into the face of 1000' vertical cliff.

We are now in Rencurel which is located in the Vercors region, part of the Parc Natural Regional.

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