Thursday, August 16, 2007

Annecy to Champagneux

This is Scott, one of the riders on our tour. He took lots of pictures of the other riders while pedaling so we got a shot of him!
The word Ferme with an accent on the end meams "closed" but I leared from seeing the signs that when the last e does not have an accent it obviously means "farm". :)
We saw lots of nice sunflowers.

We climed up the side of a mountain and got some great views of Lac du Bourget (France's largest lake) below.
We stopped for a breather before the tunnel to enjoy the view.
This is Les from, you guessed it; Canada his wife Susan is just out of the picture on the back of the tandem and Michelle is in the background.

I love the symetry of the vineyards. We did a beautiful ride through lush area with vinyards in the valley and on the hillsides.
Typical field with rolls of hay.

The Rhone river is down below winding through the vineyards.

Here I am at the Rhone river.

Mark took this one with the camera in his hand. You can see the reflection of the camera in his sunglasses. He didn't realize I was in the background until he was looking at the pictures later on the computer. :)

The signs are helping me learn french words.

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