Friday, August 24, 2007

Castellane Loop through Gorges du Verdon

Today we rode through the spectacular Gorges du Verdon. We rode along the edges of the cliffs at dizzing heights. You can see the river down below where the river rafters go.

I am taking a break at the Belvadere. This word isn't in my dictionary but I think it means something like scenic view?

The French don't let a solid rock wall get in the way of road building.

We spotted these birds circling over head. They were bigger than eagles riding on the air currents of the canyon.

Here go the river rafters! There were tourists from all over Europe doing the river rafting. We kept seeing the trucks taking the empty rafts back up to the start. I watched the river rafters queueing up by our hotel. There were hundreds of them waiting to go. They each got a helmet, a paddle, and a saftey lecture in English or French and then voila! It was a circus around town with all of the rafters. It made us appreaciate the quiet roads we have been riding on.

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